Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Making of Theme Cookies

                                        Fashion Themed Tea
                                          a five part series
 Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
    Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013
Decorating the table June 16th 2013  

Theme Cookies
 Deciding how many cookies is hard.  I think four for each person is enough if you have sandwiches. But it depends on how many your client wants and how many styles you make.  One of each style is important.

I start making my cookies two days ahead.

 For this fashion themed tea I wanted enough different kinds of cookies to make a really fun impact.

I made:
Sugar cookies shaped as dresses. For recipes:  http://www.joyofbaking.com/SugarCookies.html Use the Sugar cookie and royal icing Meringue powder recipe on this website.
You can find the dress cookie cutters at this website:

Gingerbread shaped as pattern pieces. From The Good Housekeeping Cookbook

                                To ice the gingerbread cookies use the royal icing from above website.
If you want to make these cookies download these patterns, cut them out and then place on your cookie dough and cut around them.
To draw on the cookies use Wilton Food Writer Extra fine.

     Nut cookies shaped as earrings and lips.

To make these you have to use yellow food coloring. Then you will have to mold them with your hands. I used Sweetworks  Sixlets (Chocolate flavored candy) You will have to put them into the cookies as soon as they come out of the oven (while they are still hot). If you cook the cookies with them inside they will melt. 
    For lips just add red food color and mold.


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