Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marzipan Shoes

                                 Fashion Themed Tea 
                                      a five part series
 Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
    Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013
Decorating the table June 16th 2013  

You can find Marzipan at your local grocery store. If you're are really lucky you can buy fresh Marzipan at a bakery near you.   That's where I get mine. I did find some online but I haven't tested it so if you buy it please let me know how it is. I included the ad link.  It was rated 5 stars.
 Step 1:There are two options for coloring the Marzipan.  1). Divide Marzipan in serving sizes where you will then use food coloring in tiny amounts for each shoe. Option 2).  Divide your Marzipan in the amount of colors you want then dye each ball into different colors with food coloring and make your shoes with that.
 Step 2: Look through a magazine for different shoe ideas. They look more real that way.
 Step 3: Just start molding. If the Marzipan is to soft let it sit out a bit so it will  harden this way your shoes will hold their shape.
  Step 4: When adding designs just make the shapes and stick them onto the shoe then press them in so that they look smooth.

 Step 5: I used royal icing to hold the shoes to the doilies.
Step 6: Then cut out a bright pink circle and placed it under the doily. 
Step 7: Wrap your shoe in cellophane wrap.

 Step 8: Tie it with a bow.

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