Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Father's Day Craft for a Super Dad

Do you want to make a funny one of a kind Father’s Day Card for your dad? Here’s an idea.
Make your dad a super hero by putting him into a comic book. Here’s how.    

  When I was making this I couldn't stop giggling thinking about my dad reading it.

Supplies you'll need:
A comic book that fits your dad’s personality.
Glue stick
A photo of your dad (you’ll be making copies of his head in different sizes)
A piece of white copy paper
A small point black felt pen

1) Find a page in the comic book page that you find interesting and you think you can write fun words to. Either color photo copy the page or use it. (I colored photo copied mine just in case I made a mistake.)

2) Take your white copy paper and trace over the word bubbles you plan to change, try to leave some words from the comic because it makes it more interesting.

3) Then figure out what you want to say and write it in the new word bubbles.

4) Copy the picture of your dad’s head in the sizes that fit the comic. Don’t worry if they fit perfectly because it’s funnier if they are a little bigger or smaller. Glue the heads in place.

5) Now write a little note on the bottom.

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