Friday, July 31, 2015

Thomas Frye "Fancy Heads Series

Thomas Frye was a painter, print-maker, and one of the earliest porcelain manufacturers in Britain. This series of mezzotints was meant to demonstrate the artist's skill and versatility in representing a variety of poses and expressions. I am so impressed at how he was able to make such delicate skin and fabric with such a mono tone palette. Even the pearls seem to shine.

Thomas Frye "Fancy Head" 1760-62

Thomas Frye "Fancy Head" 1760-62

Thomas Frye "Fancy Head" 1760-62

Thomas Frye "Fancy Head" 1760-62

Monday, July 27, 2015

Steampunk Fun! in Bellingham WA

This weekend I went to a Steampunk Festival it was a 
lot of fun and filled with imagination. 
I think my pictures say it all. 
Steampunk Festival, in Bellingham WA

Family Fun

She looks so cute

There were fun vendors
Pamda Bears Goes Steampunk

Lots of smiles

Steampunk Bike

This Steampunk bike was so cool.

I loved these two girls the key belt was so neat.

Even a Steampunk Car
 They judged the costumes by categories. 


Young people



Friday, July 24, 2015

Birthday Card Drawing

Here is a drawing I made of a birthday card. If you need or want to save money just print my drawing off on either card stock or copy paper and color it. Then fold your copy paper in four or your card stock in two and cut off the extra. Everyone appreciates a home made card. 

Home Made Birthday Card

Home Made Birthday Card

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hyde Park Airbnb in Chicago

A month ago I went to my son's graduation in Chicago where I was lucky enough to find this wonderful place to stay. I rented this house through Airbnb, it was beautiful and filled with creativity and artwork.

Living room


Kitchen Tools Display
I loved how he displayed his kitchen tools
the back lighting of the window was a great idea.

Metal Fish Sculpture 
I loved this bee's nest and fish made out of old cans .

 Display of Preserves
Isn't this a wonderful display of preserves. what great colors?

I think it's great how he added the lids at the 
back of the stove for brilliant added color. 

Moth Illustration
He had a very eclectic art collection but it all worked together beautifully.
Dining Room 

Dining Room 
 Note the art piece on the wall it lit up. 

Bird nests
He had feathers and bird's nests that he had found. They were artfully displayed 
showing his love for nature.

Living Room

Book Art
This piece was made by cutting up books and gluing them in these shapes.

If you want to stay in this house I include the link below. The house was truly unique and very clean.
The owner Greg was a very good host.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oops! Sorry.

I found out I sent you on a wild goose chase. The pop up store I sent you to closed right after I put up my blog. She said the street construction caused them to lose too much business. Here's some summer pictures I took to say I'm sorry!

Vintage Truck

Yellow Lilies

Again, sorry for the wild goose chase! Hopefully you found that part of downtown to be some fun anyways.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Fun Pop Up Store In Bellingham!

Crafty Secrets is a fun pop-up store that's only here for the month of July.
The shop will be open for the downtown Gallery Walk.
Crafty Secrets' normal hours are:
Wednesday through Saturday 
It is located at 2 Prospect st. 
right next to Bayou on the Bay.

Crafty Secrets

It's worth seeing if you love any form of crafts.
 It is packed full of all sorts of fun things to help you create a master piece.

The shop also has lots of fun vintage things,

stickers and wooden letters,

 vintage cards,

and dresses.

Even candle sticks and wine glasses.

I love these. 

It's the perfect place to make something or

find something special.
Check it out before this sweet little shop 
disappears at the end of July.

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