Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Fashion Tea: How to Decorate the Table

 Fashion Themed Tea 
a five  part series
     Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
      Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
    Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013

Decorating the table June 16th 2013 

 What is fashion?  To me fashion is modern, it’s exciting, and it’s fun. When I think of fashion I think of clothes, shoes, jewelry, make up and models.

So that’s where I started.

I collected magazines and looked at what was in them: what colors were prominent and what ideas could I find that would relate to a tea party.

Out of this came my runner idea: I ripped the covers off of magazines like Vogue, Elle and many more. I tried to include magazine covers from around the world because I knew people from different countries would be there.

Then I thought center piece, what should that be?  The woman who had hired me had a beautiful bust of a women and I had one that was a copy of the bust she had in resin so I thought perfect I will use them. (Look around your environment you’ll be surprise what will work.)

Next I wanted flowers on the table but not to high so people could see over them. In my magazine research I saw that Marc Jacob’s, one of the leading Fashion designers of our time, designed coke cans with polka dots and a fashion model on them.  I was very lucky to find them.  They became my vases.  The dominant color of the magazine tops and the coke cans was red so I decided on red roses.

Now my table had lots of color but your eye didn’t travel up so I put necklaces and hats on the women busts. I wanted to stay in the theme of tea party so the hats were made from paper cup cake baking cups and gum paste flowers.

With the table covered in color and excitement, which I knew my brightly colored cookies would just add to, I had to calm it back down. So I chose all white dishes.  This also kept the table looking modern.

Now came the fun finishing touches. The dress shaped cookies and Marzipan shoes on each plate. Voila!…the table was done.
Dress Cookies

Earring Cookies

Pattern Piece Cookies
Marzipan Shoes


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