Sunday, April 29, 2012

Second Stage of Rooster Project

Here is the next stage of my rooster. I’ve added a mix of yellow beads on the stomach and some yellow beads mixed with darker beads down the sides of the neck. I am working on three other pieces at the same time, that way each piece has drying time. If you are low on patience this is not the craft for you,.... it is time consuming and tedious.  See my website for some easier projects.  I’d make a smiley face here but I don’t know how. ..... just learned :-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Beading a Rooster

Hi Everyone,
I’m getting ready for a big sale in Seattle called "Coyote Central’s Fabulous Spring Art Sale".  It’s Saturday May 12th, form 11:00 to 5:00 the address is 2300 East Cherry Street, just in case you want to join us. My studio and house are covered in beads, fabric and paint. My housework is behind and my garden is full of weeds peeking up though the dirt, but for me this is fun to be creating in a frenzied environment.

I thought maybe you’d like to see one of my beaded projects at the start and as it progresses. So I took this picture today and I’ll keep adding pictures as I more forward.  

Have a great day!

First I find a vintage piece of porcelain, then I sand it. After the sanding I start gluing the beads and rhinestones into place.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A spring care package

Another care package, I love making care packages and will make one for you if you contact me. I love making them for my boys because as I’m making them I get to think about them and what they're doing and how they'll smile when they open the box. I can show my love even from far away.

This one is a spring bouquet. It’s made with white cake cupcakes covered with a butter icing and then covered with marshmallow fondant.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tulips In Skagit Valley

What better time and place to use your senses fully then in a tulip Field. To just look around, and see the beautiful colors, shapes and textures. To breathe in the freshness of the air and let your mind be quiet.   

                                                 I hope you get a chance today to just be.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I put some new things on Etsy

                                                I put up some new things I made on Etsy.

                                           please see Esty for more...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

May Day Fun

May Day for me was always one of my favorite days.  As children we would pick wild flowers (sometimes know as weeds) make tiny bouquets and leave them on our neighbors door step, ring the bell and then run like crazy. We’d hide in the bushes and watch their joy as they found their tiny bouquet and knew someone was thinking of them, which always brought us to giggles.  

As an adult with children I thought it would be fun to keep the tradition alive. I made baskets and gathered friends with children who wanted to join me.

We’d get up early before school, I’d make cinnamon rolls and fruit salad for breakfast. While the kitchen table bussed with tiny voices laughing and eating while the mom’s would put together the baskets.

The kitchen always smelled heavenly a mix of flowers and cinnamon. When the kids were done eating, we’d load up the wagon and start down the street.

Each child would take a basket for a neighbor and off they’d go, they’d ring the door bell and dash away hiding in the bushes and we’d all crouched down and watched their reaction. Some would look for us, some would just smile.

What a fun morning it was as we blanketed our neighborhood with sweet bouquets and smiles.

We continued this tradition until the kids were in high school and their hours were too early for us to get up and ring doorbells, even at that time we were all sad to end our sweet ritual.


Have a Happy May Day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Gift of a Teacup

I have a lot of teacups and there all so beautiful. Each teacup has many memories associated with it. Many of my teacups have been given to me by loved ones. I have teacups from my Grandmothers, Great Aunts, Aunts and friends. Many have passed down through my family. But that’s just the beginning of the story; memories have come from the parties I’ve had with them, and some of my most precious memories have come from the visitors who have drunk from them. When you drink from a teacup you tend to be truly present and in the moment. A gift of time.

How to stack your teacups

         Pile all the plates, then start with the cups by placing one of the teacups on its side.

            Then take another teacup and tuck the first teacups handle inside the second one.

                                              Then repeat this process two more times

I hope you get a chance to have a cup of tea today with a friend.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Butterfly Garland fit for a Fairy Princess.

For fun I made this Butterfly Garland, I used floral wire and white floral tape, and pearl's I found at an estate sale, the butterflies themselves are made with white printed vellum paper cut out with two different sized butterfly punches. I thought it would be fun for a garden party, wedding or for a fairy princess.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening Day at Bellingham's Farmers Market

It was a beautiful day for the opening of Bellingham’s Farmers Market.  Lots of wonderful things to see, eat and listen to. The sun was shining, people were laughing.

Music was in the air.

Flowers in the Sunshine

                                                                    Clowns on stilts

Of course vegetables


                                                                 Bread and Cheese

Lots of  necessities


                                                     All to make for a great day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicken on a nest in a Basket

                               I have so much fun making care packages for my kids. 

 This Easter I made chicken’s on a nest, underneath the chicken I placed chocolate eggs. Each chicken is made out of Rice Krispie treats, molded into the shape of a chicken, then lightly covered with butter icing, and then covered again with homemade fondant.

The fun part comes next, decorating; I mixed different food coloring into the fondant and started designing my chicken. It helps to have a chicken picture to look at. I use cookie cutters (leaf shapes) to make the feathers. And hand mold the other details.

 I dropped the first chicken off with my oldest son, he loved it, and he thought it was pretty funny. The other one is in the mail headed to The University of Chicago we’ll see how it goes over in the Dorm.

Happy Easter!

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