Sunday, June 30, 2013

Henri the Cat

Oh to be a Cat.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Portraits by LaVera

I thought it was time to show some of my paintings. Here are two portraits I've done. They are very different from each other that's why I chose to show them together.
                          This is my Mother in law at her youngest Daughter's Wedding in Scotland.

                                                This one I was hired to paint of a young girl.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mid-Century Modern Postcards

I found these at the antique mall. I thought they'd be fun in some great clip art project.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Craft: Beautiful Ribbon Belts

In the April 2013 Paris Vogue I found these beautiful ribbon belts.  So let’s make some. These will also make great gifts.

Supplies you’ll need:
Jacquard ribbon: your waist size plus 12 inches. (You can find jacquard ribbon online or at your local fabric store.)
Belt buckle: chose a size your chosen ribbon will fit through. (I Found two of mine at an antique store and the third at a Fabric store) Look around your house for an old belt and cut the buckle off or at a garage sale and then pick a ribbon that will work.)
Access to a sewing machine
Thread to match your ribbon
Grommets to match the buckle you chose and Grommet tool (you can get these at your local fabric store.) But try to borrow the grommet tool they’re expensive.)
Embroidery Thread to match ribbon

To make the turquoise belt with the modern belt buckle: I bought the buckle at Joanne’s fabric store and found the ribbon at an out door market. (This belt you should only make if your weight does not fluctuate much because it’s only one size)

1) Slide your ribbon through one side and pull enough ribbon through the loop until you can sew it on. Now sew it in place. (I did two rows of stitching.) See photo.
2) Slide the other belt piece onto the ribbon then fit it on your self sitting down with clothes on. Pull the ribbon to fit, then pin in place.
3) Stitch in place.
4) Cut off excess. If your ribbon is the kind that unravels place a little white fabric glue along the unfinished ends to keep them from unraveling.

Black Belt and Old Buckle
I found this Buckle at an antique mall and the ribbon at an outdoor market.

1) Measure the length of ribbon you will need to pull through your buckle in order to sew it on. (See photo)
2) Mark a hole where the belt buckle prong should come though. Make a hole.  I used a small hole punch but you can use a nail. After making the hole place a little white fabric glue around the edges in order to keep the fabric from fraying. (See photo)
3) Now put the ribbon through the buckle and place prong through the hole.
4) Stitch ribbon in place.
5) Try on your belt and decide on the placements for your grommets. I put my first grommet at my waist size and added three more an inch apart.   Make sure they are in the middle of the ribbon. (see photo)
6) With the hole punch (the hole must be smaller than the grommet so that the grommet can grab the sides of the fabric.) punch holes in the places you marked. Push the grommet through with the right side of the grommet (the flat side is the right side) on the right side of the ribbon.
7) Use your grommet tool with the pointy side going into the tube side of the grommet and squeeze your tool. (This will bend the grommet and hold it in place.) You will not be able to remove the grommet so do a couple of tests first.)
8) Finish the end of your ribbon by folding it over a 1/4” and then a 1/4” again and stitch it in place.

9) Final step take a piece of embroidery thread knot the end and sew it on to the back of your belt. (This is so that the excess of your ribbon belt can be placed through it and it won’t hang down.) Now loosely pull it across the front of your belt and knot the embroidery on the other side and stitch to the back of the ribbon.

 For the pink belt: do the same process as the black belt.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hats, Hats and More Hats

I love hats I wish more people would wear them it is really fun. I was lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Scotland where it is expected that you wear a hat. It made me feel very special.


Stephen Jones makes the greatest hats. Here's a little about him. 

Stephen Jones born 31 May 1957 is a leading British milliner based in London, who is considered one of the world's most radical and important milliners of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He is also one of the most prolific, having created hats for the catwalk shows of many leading couturiers and fashion designers, such as John Galliano at Dior and Vivienne Westwood. His work is known for its inventiveness. 

And here's some great hats.

Click on this photo to go to Stephen Jones website.

This is a wonderful video it shows a lot fun hats.

Hats: An Anthology by Stephan Jones for London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

Have a great day.  Maybe wear a hat!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seeing I People (This is Funny)

If you've ever run into something or someone while you're texting 
You will appreciate this.

   Have a Great Day ! Full of Laughs and smiles!

A lot of  email subscribers to my blog are asking me how to leave comments.

Here's how scroll up to the top of the email and click on the blog title that will take you to my blog.
Then scroll down to the bottom of the blog and see the comment box. Type in your comment. 
Now click on publish. 
That's all you have to do. I LOVE comments they let me know you're out there. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Fashion Tea: How to Decorate the Table

 Fashion Themed Tea 
a five  part series
     Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
      Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
    Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013

Decorating the table June 16th 2013 

 What is fashion?  To me fashion is modern, it’s exciting, and it’s fun. When I think of fashion I think of clothes, shoes, jewelry, make up and models.

So that’s where I started.

I collected magazines and looked at what was in them: what colors were prominent and what ideas could I find that would relate to a tea party.

Out of this came my runner idea: I ripped the covers off of magazines like Vogue, Elle and many more. I tried to include magazine covers from around the world because I knew people from different countries would be there.

Then I thought center piece, what should that be?  The woman who had hired me had a beautiful bust of a women and I had one that was a copy of the bust she had in resin so I thought perfect I will use them. (Look around your environment you’ll be surprise what will work.)

Next I wanted flowers on the table but not to high so people could see over them. In my magazine research I saw that Marc Jacob’s, one of the leading Fashion designers of our time, designed coke cans with polka dots and a fashion model on them.  I was very lucky to find them.  They became my vases.  The dominant color of the magazine tops and the coke cans was red so I decided on red roses.

Now my table had lots of color but your eye didn’t travel up so I put necklaces and hats on the women busts. I wanted to stay in the theme of tea party so the hats were made from paper cup cake baking cups and gum paste flowers.

With the table covered in color and excitement, which I knew my brightly colored cookies would just add to, I had to calm it back down. So I chose all white dishes.  This also kept the table looking modern.

Now came the fun finishing touches. The dress shaped cookies and Marzipan shoes on each plate. Voila!…the table was done.
Dress Cookies

Earring Cookies

Pattern Piece Cookies
Marzipan Shoes


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marzipan Shoes

                                 Fashion Themed Tea 
                                      a five part series
 Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
    Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013
Decorating the table June 16th 2013  

You can find Marzipan at your local grocery store. If you're are really lucky you can buy fresh Marzipan at a bakery near you.   That's where I get mine. I did find some online but I haven't tested it so if you buy it please let me know how it is. I included the ad link.  It was rated 5 stars.
 Step 1:There are two options for coloring the Marzipan.  1). Divide Marzipan in serving sizes where you will then use food coloring in tiny amounts for each shoe. Option 2).  Divide your Marzipan in the amount of colors you want then dye each ball into different colors with food coloring and make your shoes with that.
 Step 2: Look through a magazine for different shoe ideas. They look more real that way.
 Step 3: Just start molding. If the Marzipan is to soft let it sit out a bit so it will  harden this way your shoes will hold their shape.
  Step 4: When adding designs just make the shapes and stick them onto the shoe then press them in so that they look smooth.

 Step 5: I used royal icing to hold the shoes to the doilies.
Step 6: Then cut out a bright pink circle and placed it under the doily. 
Step 7: Wrap your shoe in cellophane wrap.

 Step 8: Tie it with a bow.

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