Saturday, June 8, 2013

Craft: Making Theme Related Plates for Parties

                                            Fashion Themed Tea 
                                              a five part series
 Planning for a Tea June 5th 2013 
    Making Theme Related Plates June 8th 2013
Making of Fashion Themed Cookies June 11th 2013
Marzipan Shoes June 13th 2013
Decorating the table June 16th 2013  

Do you want to make some special fun accessories for your themed tea table? I did.  Here’s a fun quick and easy idea that can add a special twist to your table.

Supplies you’ll need:

Clear plates I found mine at Target for 1.99 a piece (Wash your plate before starting)
Magazine cut outs or photos to fit your theme
Weldbond or Mod-Podge Glue
Black or colored felt enough to cover the back of your plate.

1) Cut out magazine images or photos arrange them on a circle the size of your plate or under your plate so that you can see the design before you start to glue it on. Move your photos around until you get the look you like. Remember you are going to be gluing them on front to back.
2) Paint the glue on the front of your first image to be place on your plate covering it completely. 

2a) Now place it onto the back of your plate smoothing it out so there are no air pockets or large white glue patches showing.

back of plate
Front of plate
3) Repeat step two until all images are on your plate. Let your plate dry completely.
4) Place your plate face down on the felt draw around your plate. Lift your plate off of the felt and cut out the circle you just drew.
5) Now with your glue paint the entire back covering your dried images.  Make sure you cover the whole surface of the plate all the way to the edges. 
6) Place the felt over the glue covered back of the plate and smooth from the center to the edges. Let dry.
7) Now trim any excess felt off the edges of the plate.

Don’t submerge these plates just wipe them clean.

These plates can be fun party favors you can send them home with your guest after the tea.

 A hint: use an old catalog when painting glue on your images this way you can turn the pages when they get to sticky to use anymore.

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