Monday, February 23, 2015

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

It's time for a summer walk. This is one of my favorite parks in Paris. It is very hard to get there without a car. But if you can figure it out it's worth seeing. I would tell you how I got there but it was such a crazy way and experience.  It included a train, bike and a bus ride and at times I didn't feel very safe. I would not want you to experience it. I would recommend getting a car.

Remember you can click on the pictures and see them enlarged. 
Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden

Parc de Bagatelle Rose Garden
There are many other parts of this park worth seeing, 
I will continue to show you different parts in future blogs. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

I Love Fashion!

Here's another fun show so full of fantasy!

Channel Spring and Summer 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Packing Up

 The realtors tell me your house has to be dismantled to the point that anyone could see themselves living there. All the paintings off the walls. So the packing begins.

 It is hard enough to pack when you are excited about your new house or your new life but when you are packing because your life has changed in a way you did not want or expect, all it is, is heart break. Memory after memory packed away in boxes. You don’t know when you will open them again. You don’t know what your life will look like when you do. You have to trust that this is the right thing to do. That everything will be okay.

I’m packing my studio now. Boxes of beads, paints, doll heads, glues and tools all labeled and packed. What supplies should I keep out? What art will I do while I plan my new life?

Pictures are coming out of frames so the frames can be sold along with many other treasures in a garage sale that will send things away for a dollar or two, hopefully, someone else will treasure them.

Bulletin boards stripped of their reminders of trips, phone numbers and tiny parts of a bigger life.

It’s all so sad. 

Friday, February 13, 2015


1920 Vintage Valentine's Card

I've heard people say that they don’t want to celebrate Valentines Day because it's cheesy and commercial. It may be but I can’t think of a more important thing to celebrate than love. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder no matter how commercial.

One of my friends, Shannon Bernard,  a minister, told me something that changed my life. 

She said, “As I sit with people who are dying they don’t talk about how much money they have or how large their house is. They don’t talk about their great achievements. They reflect on was I loved and did I love enough? Why don’t we all just start living our lives with that question in mind?

1920 Vintage Valentine's Card

Happy Valentines Day! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine Cookies

Usually I make Big Valentine dinners all of hearts or really fun care packages. This year I haven't felt very happy so I decided to make humorist care packages for my boys. I thought we could all use a chuckle. I saw this idea on Pinterest. 

First Step 

Then add the details.

I Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Chocolates in Paris

It's getting close to Valentine's Day so we must talk Chocolates. I found these chocolates in Paris. They set the bar kind of high for this years' Valentine treats.   LOL

Lady Bug

Mouse or Bear?

Chocolate Shop 

These are the perfect flowers for Valentines Day!

Chocolate Saxophone
Frogs, I love Frogs!


Notre Dame Paris in chocolate. Wow!
Sorry I couldn't get a better picture there was too much reflection.

 Notre Dame Paris in Chocolates-Another View

 I love how there is so much attention to detail in Paris.  In every thing they do it seems they just add a little something special.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts?

Tae-Kwon-Do Belt Rug

Did someone in your family take Tae-Kwon-Do or any other sport that accumulated belts? My kids worked so hard to earn them that I didn't have the heart to throw them away. So I decided to make something with them.  After thinking about it, I came up with this idea. I love how they turned out. I think my boys will love them. I am giving them to them for Valentine’s Day.

Tae-Kwon-Do Belts

Here’s how you make them.

Supplies you’ll need:
An edging (I used a twill belt you can get by the yard at your local fabric store.)
Matching thread
Fabric glue
How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts? 

1) First I wove the belts together to making a color pattern l liked.
How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts? 

2) Then when I got to a size and shape I liked I glued the belts together along the edges in order to keep them from unraveling.

How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts? 

  3) After the glue dried I cut the belts off to finish the shape and make it easier to sew the binding along the edge.

How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts? 

4) I then pin the binding along the edge and sewed it on by hand. (I tried to use my machine but the belts were too thick and hard for the needle to push through.)

How to Make a Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts? 

5) After finishing one side I flipped the rug over and pulled the binding around to the back I then sewed along the back side making sure all ends were securely fastened in.

 Rug out of Tae-Kwon-Do Belts

I love how they turned out. I can see them laying by my kids beds. What a great conversation piece.

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