Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue Bird Tea

Blue Bird Tea

I love putting together fun teas. I find a theme really helps. The Blue Bird Tea had a theme of Birds. It also helps to pick a color theme as well. I chose "blue and green" since those colors are cool and tranquil. I added pink to warm it up and give it punch.

After establishing my theme, I went through my house looking for any birds I had to help decorate my table. I placed them on my table and looked at what else I needed to add. As you can see from my past two blogs, I made a couple of the pieces I felt I needed to round out my table and complete my theme.

Now that I had my complete bird theme, and my colors, I was ready. Where do birds live? I needed a table cloth that looked like a bush. I found the fabric and sewed it together to create the table cloth.

I also love using a mix of my tea cups and plates, not using the same pattern, so my table's full of all sorts of wonderful colors and patterns. This also makes the table more interesting and guests feel special with their own unique setting.

I kept the theme in my food. The cookies and fudge were either in bird shapes or egg shapes. What fun! I did chocolate bird nests with jelly bean eggs. The blue birds on the table are made of molded Rice Crispy treats covered in a marshmallow fondant. The cake is a white almond cake with marshmallow fondant and the nest is covered Rice Crispy treats. The eggs in the nest are marzipan cookies.

Guests, even if they are not tea drinkers, can enjoy the managerie. The teas I chose were Jasmine green tea and Orange Pekoe, a mild black tea. I find that most people who don't normally drink tea can enjoy one of these.

The most important part of entertaining at a "tea" is to relax and take pleasure in each other's company. Everyone is delighted to be there. It is time for you to enjoy yourself and be truly present, this is the best gift your can give your guests.

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  1. LaVera .... what a beautiful setting! This looked like something from a fairytale .....


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