Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Glass Food Cover

I decided it would be fun to decorate one more glass food cover for my tea tomorrow. This one is more difficult because it is a lot taller piece then the butterfly food cover I did in the last Blog.  You could see the backside of each image and that didn’t look good. I had to try a different method.

First: I had to go to the photocopy store and print the images in two directions. (there is a button on the copiers that will do this)

Second: I cut the images out and glued them together so both sides have the images face out which was very difficult. Of course the images didn’t line up perfectly so I had to trim the white parts off of them. (Warning: this process took hours.)

Third: I glued them in place and then coated the inside images with glue to seal them up.

I love how it looks.

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