Friday, July 6, 2012

Card Class

I taught a card making class at my house the other day. We had a lot of fun and it turned out to be more of a card party which gave me an idea: why not have card parties where everyone brings different ideas and tools? I also learned a few things while teaching everyone what I knew.

Here are some of the ideas.

One) Use Felt pens to color different areas of your stamp, giving your stamp a whole new look.

Cards by Jodie Barbour

Two) Use a mix of stamps and collage.

                                                                  Patty Fairbanks

Three) Embellish and tie your cards with yarn.

                                                                     Sharon Kerlin
Four) Use music and words to add meaning to your cards.

                                                                 LaVera Weidenbacher
Five) Add party hats to old photos.

Truc Thon
Six) Use yarn to embellish the design of your card.

                                                                          Sue Wu

Seven) Draw a frame around the edge of your card with a felt pen to add boarders. Make different things into balloons.
Eight) Use a felt pen to doodle a background design on your card.

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