Sunday, July 15, 2012

Next Stop on Our Internet Vacation is Paris

Paris is a romantic city, so full of art, and people who have a zest for enjoying life. I plan on writing separate stories on different experiences I’ve had in Paris in an attempt to share with you what I’ve learned. Today we'll look at fashion.

Paris is one of my favorite places for fashion. Fashion is deep in the French psyche; you can find it from the streets to the runways. As a fashion designer, I used to shop in Paris; buying different garments that would be good examples of the latest trends. I’d bring them back to the studio to gain inspiration for my own lines. It was a dream job.

Even years later, I still love sitting in outdoor cafes. They are a great place to grab a cup of tea, a beautiful pastry, and watch the street's fashion show go by.

Sometimes you’re even lucky enough to see a fashion show. Here’s my favorite one this fall.

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