Friday, July 13, 2012

Sail Boat Themed Care Package

                                    The sail boat is made from the Rice Krispies treat recipe found on the Rice Krispies box,
                                                                      with a marshmallow fondant. Accessories are made from marzipan.   
It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m working on a care package with a sailboat theme. My kitchen smells sweet from the sugar and the freshly baked cookies. This care package has been a bit of a challenge because I needed to figure out how to keep my sail boat standing upright and still be edible.

 I’m making fish and life preserver cookies to add to the package. It’s fun making care packages; your mind drifts away and you begin thinking about where the package is going, who will be receiving it, and what their reaction may be.

Have a sweet day.

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