Monday, September 1, 2014

What The Old Master's Can Teach Us: Painting Jewels and Fur, Embroidery and Metal.

How Lace and Fur are painted

When I'm in museums as a painter I look closely at how the masters have made their paintings come to life. This time I focused on the fabrics and trims. I have taken pictures of the details I looked at such as embroidery, jewelry, pearls and many different fabrics. I am sharing them here with you. I hope that they will inspire you as they have me.

How Pearls and White on White Fabric are painted.

How Pearls and Black Velvet are painted.

How Organza and Jewelry are painted.

How Satin and Jewelry are painted.

How Black Velvet and Gold Metal are Painted.

How Black Embroidery is Painted.

How Gold Embroidery, Pearls and Fur are Painted.

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