Monday, September 8, 2014

A Trip to Paris

Paris Fruit Market

Both of my boys have grown up and gone off to college and were much too busy to come home this summer. So I decided to rent a house in Paris for the month of July. I invited a few friends and it’s been a fun experience. My day starts out going to the bakery and picking up chocolate and almond croissants. 

Parisian Breakfast 

Next I head off to the fruit market and pick out the fruits for the day. Then I head back to the house where I make my guests and myself some fresh squeezed orange juice and Tea.

 Fruit from a Paris Fruit Market

  Then we plan our day:  what to see and what to do. It usually consists of a museum, Park, a long walk or perhaps just sitting in a café.

Parisian Boulangerie

I love this city because of its art, music and its people. In this month I have learned many things. I hope my blogs will be interesting for you to read. As I sit here writing them in this sweet Parisian house, I can hear a piano being played beautifully next-door, 

Parisian Cafe

and the voices of the people in the café nearby. It’s a vacation from life not to be able to speak the language, it sounds like singing as I walk down the streets.

Paris Fruit Market

  I am staying in the 20th arrondissement which has very few tourists. This makes it nice because you are treated as special not as a frustrating tourist. When you stay in one of the outer arrondissements, the rent is cheaper and the food is cheaper and much better. My French friend’s advice to me was look where the French are eating. And I have done that and found wonderful restaurants all around me. Paris has a great Metro so it really doesn't matter much what part of Paris you stay in.

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