Friday, September 5, 2014

My Garden

Garden Room 

Why is it so hard to leave your garden behind when you move? Is it that a garden connects to you on a deeper level? Is it something that you create with the earth that helps ground you in hard times and brings joy to you and so many others? 


Is it that it tells the story of who you are? As I wander through my garden I see my inner self, my view of movement in the way I have curved different areas of my garden.

Pink Hydrangea 

 My love of color in the well thought out color plan.

Flowers in my Garden

 My idea of nurturing in the way I have put plants that fruit all among-st my flowers.


 I can share my love through my garden by sharing its beauty, its flowers and its fruit. My garden can be layed in and played in.

Grapes on the Vine

 My garden has places for tea and rooms to hide.

Tea under a Tree

 It has some structure and lots of whimsy. 

Artistic Cupid 

It has some English, some French, and some Italian design that represents my love of travel. 

LaVera's Garden 

It’s organic so animals and birds can live in it freely. It has plants for butterflies and Bees. My garden has statues of cupids and a fountain for sound.

Stone Wall in my Garden

  My garden is made for my family and for my piece of mind in a crazy life.

Pink Flowers

 So when you walk through someone’s garden look a little deeper into it and learn more about the person who took the time to make thousands of tiny decisions in order to make a special place for those she or he loves to spend time.

LaVera's Garden 

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