Monday, September 15, 2014

I love Paris Fashion!

A Chanel photo shoot we just happened to see.

I used to be a Fashion designer when I was young and I’d travel to Paris quite often to see what the trends were. 

Paris Fashion, Lace, embroidery and Ruffles so sweet.

Usually the trends in Paris show up in the United States about two years later. With some of the new throw away fashions things are a bit quicker now. 

Paris Fashion Lace, embroidery and Ruffles so sweet 

Well old habits die hard so I've been checking out the latest trends here in Paris. My prediction for spring and summer 2015 are as follows. 

Paris Fashion Polka Dots and Lace.

Polka dots, lace as embellishments and for whole garments. Picture prints ranging from birds, flowers, butterflies and architecture. 

Paris Fashion, Valentino Butterflies 

Of course the tiny floral prints made famous by the French are always around. Bows are on everything shirts, skirts, dresses and shoes.  The hottest color is magenta it’s everywhere.

John Galliano Shoes with Bows.


  1. Paris must be a wonderful place to visit. Not sure I would fit in there though. - Margy

    1. You don't have to fit in to have a wonderful time in Paris, but you do have to respect their culture.

  2. Love your blog, LaVera. Especially love your great eye for fashion.


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