Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Wonder of Stain Glass

I love stain glass it is such a beautiful art. Stain glass was used to tell stories when people were mostly illiterate. It was also used to honor those who gave money to install them, you may find their crests or sometimes their images are depicted in them. 

Here you see a crest and a hat worn by church leaders which represents the power of the church.

These show the land owners power over their serfs.

This one show the priest power over the people and the two main faces are probably the donors.

When Large windows are filled with stain glass it is magical.

This represents one of the kings that built this Chapel.

Rebuilt stain glass
 These two examples of rebuilt stain glass windows are beautiful. There was a lot of reasons windows got broken:  war, storms, a change in the religion of the church. In England the change of religions went on for quite a few years so a lot of amazing things were destroyed.

Rebuilt stain glass

Medieval Stain Glass

Stain Glass Telling Stories

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