Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Craft: Cinder Block Planter

When I was in England at The Manor Hemingford Grey 
I saw this rock planter and wanted one.
So this is what I did when I got home.

Rock Planter at The Manor Hemingford Grey 

I bought an old cinder block from a store that sells used building waste. 
It costed 1.00. 

Craft: Cinder Block Planter 

Then I found a place I wanted to put it. (Cinder blocks are heavy and when you add dirt and plants they only get heaver.)

Craft: Cinder Block Planter 

Then I took black garden fabric the kind you put in your garden to keep the weeds down and placed it in the bottom and up the sides. You may also want to put a board under your block if you plan on moving it.
Next I added my dirt and plants. 

Craft: Cinder Block Planter 

The look I got is not perfect but for a dollar who can complain.

Craft: Cinder Block Planter 

 I also found this cool cinder bock pipe and could not resist it. 
It was also a 1.00.

Just think of the possibilities.


  1. Those would be great in any land garden, but way too heavy for my cabin's float. I need to transplant two cedar trees into larger containers. I'm trying to think of a way to cut down on weight even for the dirt. Don't you just love thrift and seconds stores? - Margy

    1. Have you ever thought of building them their own float? It could be neat looking.


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