Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cam River,Cambridge,England

Cam River, Cambridge, England,

There are many fun things to do in Cambridge including punting which I have only seen on the Cam River. Punting is riding on a low to the water squarish boat with a person balancing upright on the back while steering with a large pole.

Punting on the Cam River, Cambridge, England,

My Son :)

This takes a lot more talent than it looks. My son took us punting which was a lot of fun and plenty of laughs since he has not punted much before. We went round in circles a few times, crashed into several boats and he almost fell off the boat twice.

About to hit our first boat. LOL

Punting Boats

 Cam River, Cambridge, England,

                                            It’s also fun to walk along this beautiful river.

House Boats on the Cam River, Cambridge

Row teams practicing on the Cam River

 I would suggest that you ask someone when the rowing teams are practicing because the river just comes alive. Team after team row by while their coaches ride their bikes along the path dodging walkers while yelling instructions from their megaphones, it’s quite the sight. 

Row teams practicing on the Cam River, Cambridge

Another fun thing about the Cam River are the house boats.  They are anchored to the edge and also travel up and down it. It looks like a fun lifestyle.

House Boats on the Cam River, Cambridge


  1. I have a blogging friend in England who is rebuilding a barge as a liveaboard. It isn't finished yet, but they have moved in full time. - Margy


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