Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Craft

Every year I make my husband and two boys a special Valentine. I have made everything from music boxes to pillows. This year I’m making “gift balls.” (They're balls I made out of crepe streamers that have treats in them.)

Valentine Gift Idea

Here’s how I made them.

Supplies you’ll need:
Crepe Streamers
Black thick Sharpie
Wrapped candy, small charms or toys
Decorative paper
Hot glue gun or white glue

1) Unwind you streamer and write on it with your black sharpie words describing what you love about the person you’re making it for. Do this for about five yards or as many words as you can think of. Leave two yards at the end just pink.

Words Describing the Person You Love

2) Start at the end of the streamer where you began your words, roll the first candy into it. Once this candy is covered roll the next candy into it (at the same time you are rolling the streamer as if you are making a ball of yarn). Repeat this process over and over again placing the candy on each side making sure your ball stays balanced.
Treats to Insert into Your Ball 

3) When your words run out don’t add anymore treats just finish it off by wrapping it with more of the streamer so your words are hidden and the ball is a solid color then tape the end down. (You can shape it a bit more with your hands if it’s not perfectly round).

Winding your Ball

    4) Now wrap a ribbon around the center and glue the ends in place.

Gift Ball

5) Make the paper ribbon by folding a 1/2”X 8” piece of decorative paper into an accordion. Cut a small circle out and write your words on it. (I printed mine) Glue them all together then glue them onto your ribbon.

Ribbon for Gift Ball

I like this Valentine because both of my boys are in college and my husband is working very hard, and the word unwind has two fun meanings. 

Finished Gift Ball

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