Friday, February 28, 2014

A Snowy Day in Bellingham, WA

I know it has been snowing like crazy around our country. But for us here in Bellingham, Washington it's the first real snow storm in two years. I love the snow. I get so excited. I'm like a kid. 

Snow transforms our town from it's usual green and grey to bright white.

The trees look like Japanese paintings.

The harbor has no defined edge it looks as though you could sail off the end of the earth .

Colors pop cheerfully out of the white.

This just isn't fair.

You look at the world with new eyes. 

As I shoveled our sidewalks there were lots of  Robins flying from one branch to another it looked like they were playing musical chairs. 

This one was obviously the winner.

I hope for all of you who have had much too much snow that spring comes quickly for you this year.

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