Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Surprise

Do you have people in your family that are just impossible to buy for either because they have everything or they can afford to buy anything they want. Well we do. So this is what my husband and I decided to do for them. The family I'm talking about loves Dachshunds.  They have four.

While we were walking around Vancouver BC last weekend we found this funny stuffed Dachshund and decided to buy it for them. Then we thought how can we make it special and personalized. 

This is what we came up with: we decided to make a story up. So we pretended that the little dog was a stray that had started to follow us. We took photos of my husband with the dog through out our day. The funniest part of this was how many people laughed, commented and wanted to join us in the picture taking. 

My Husband is planning on writing a story to go along with the photos and I made the dog a little Valentine  coat and we will send the whole package to them for Valentine's Day. 


  1. BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE THIS! I truly believe that the little dog was a stray and that he followed you, and you showed him stuff. EXCELLENT!

  2. You always have such clever ideas. We had a Dachshund named Fritzi when I was little. In fact, we had two spanning my early years all the way into college and beyond. They are great dogs. - Margy


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