Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Steps of a Flower Painting

I was asked to paint a 6" X 8" painting for the 20th anniversary of the Lucia Douglas Gallery. They're having a show called Postcards of Fairhaven. I thought it would be fun to show you the steps I took. 

First I used a gesso that I had added a green to. I coated and sanded the canvas twice. Then I transferred my sketch to the canvas.

                                          Then I painted the background.

                                                I then painted the vase,

                                        and added the bright white high lights.

Next I started on the Flowers.

 Sometimes I paint in all the colors and just keep layering, but this time I painted each flower separately.

             Now I added some of the yellow flowers. I also used the yellow for highlights. I usually change some things as I go so my painting is never exactly the same as my photo.

When I work on each flower I use many colors I look at each flower carefully and when I want to use shadows I try to use the colors compliment.

Flower Bouquet by LaVera

When I feel like I'm done with a painting I set it in my kitchen and look at it for several days. This process helps me see what I've missed and what needs to be changed. I never sign my painting until I feel done. 

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