Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Craft: Memories of Ice

I recently taught a class at the Whatcom Museum. It was a fun collage class. The theme was “Memories of Ice". 

First we filled the room with lots of supplies. The base items we used were colored tissue paper on mat board (make sure if you use colored tissue paper that you get the kind that doesn't bleed). We used watered down white glue to glue the tissue down. To glue down the heavier items we used non watered down glue.

                    We also had lots of picture from books and Magazines. 

Felt pens and Yarn.

Aluminum tape and Styrofoam, I use an electric knife to cut the Styrofoam.

I made examples of techniques you could use but there were no rules as it was just for fun.

Here I used all tissue paper. To get the texture I twisted the tissue paper. 

This one I used a photo copy of a fish, tissue paper, yarn, and a tiny accent of Aluminum tape.

On this one I first glued some Styrofoam to my mat board then I glued my fish on. 
Next I covered everything with different color tissues. 

Here I started by drawing on my mat board then I layered fish and tissue on top of  the drawing. When you layer your tissue you need to start from the darkest color on the bottom and work your way up to the lightest color on the top. I also redrew part of the under drawing on the top when my glue dried in order to add a warm color and more texture.

On this one I glued a layer of blue tissue onto my mat board. Then the Styrofoam pieces over the tissue.
After that I added more tissue then clear glitter.

Here are two participants with there projects. 

It was a fun night. 

For information on more classes by me or other artists please click on the link below.

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