Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Sketchbook Project

Last year I did the a fun thing I joined The Sketchbook project. I paid $25.00 and the project sent me a sketchbook. I drew in it and did some collages. Then I sent it back. Now my sketchbook travels to different cities and as it travels when someone checks it out I get an email saying someone looked at your book and in what city they did. After a year of travel it will go to its final resting place: The Brooklyn Library. 

To see inside my sketchbook please click on the image below. 

 To learn how to make your own sketchbook click on the link below. 
This would also make a fun Christmas present for an artist.

Just a note: if you don't know I have a website where I keep a lot of my blog projects and ideas some new and some in more detail please click on the button below. The button is always kept on the upper right side of my blog if you want to get to my website it may be easier to find old craft projects there.

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