Saturday, October 5, 2013

Craft: Ghostly lights for Halloween!

Here’s a fun way to light your table for Halloween dinner.

The supplies you’ll need:
1) Foil wrap
2) White cloth
3) White glue or starch
4) Thread
5) Black Sharpie
6) Battery operated tea light candles

1) Mold the Foil wrap into a ghost shape about 5” high. Start with a ball.

Then mold the body around it.

    2) Then cut a piece of white fabric into a 10” circle.

3) a. If you use white glue you will need to mix it with water until its consistency is like maple syrup then dip your fabric circle into the glue until it is wet.
Halloween Ghostly lights 

      b. If you use the starch spray your fabric circle until it is really wet.

Halloween Craft: Ghostly lights

4) Now mold your fabric over the foil ghost and tie the thread around the ghost neck and then around each arm to hold the fabric in place while it dries.

 Halloween Craft: Ghostly lights

5) Once your ghost has completely dried draw on a face with a black sharpie.

6) Now cut the threads off and remove the foil from inside.

Halloween Craft: Ghostly lights

7) Place your ghost over a battery operated tea candle.

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