Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Garden in the Fall

I love my garden in the fall. It has the sweet smell of the end of the summer:  a mix of hot leaves and fruit. 

The air is warm in the day and quickly turns cold in the evenings. 

I like to enjoy the last moments of summer having tea on my deck before the rains begin.

On an arbor over my table the grapes are beginning to sweeten as they turn red to signal they are ready to be eaten. 

Leaves dress in their fall colors. 

And the last of the flowers rush to open.

The hydrangeas are making their final color change. 

From white to pink

or white to green. 

Spiders are everywhere.

The apples are almost ready.

The Asters are in full bloom.

The beautiful blue sky enhances every color.

My neighbor has said that my hops are almost ready to be harvested. He plans to make some of his wonderful beer with them. 

I will enjoy the last of its beauty which will give me the strength to do the heavy fall clean up.  

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