Friday, March 1, 2013

A Fun and Easy Birthday Card Craft

What you'll need:
Card stock in several colors 
Photos: you can find photos like these at antique stores or download the ones below.
Fun decorative papers in small prints
Small point Sharpie
Glue stick

                                                        Use your browser to print these

                                                 Cut your photo out and glue it in place.
                                                 Then just cut out your hats out and glue in place.
                                Now take your felt pen and draw frames around your photos.
                                                                       Have Fun!

PS: Here's a time saving idea. Instead of trying to remember everyone's birthday buy yourself a monthly birthday calender and fill it out. Then each month write all your birthday cards on the same day at the beginning of every month. Address them and stamp them. Place the date it's to be mailed near the stamp. And you'll never forget a Birthday again.

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