Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hawaiian Hula Vintage Doll Craft

When I was in Hawaii on Kauai Island I found a shop with these cute vintage Hula Dolls. I could resist them so when I got home I made one for myself.  If you'd like to make one click on the doll I made below and it will take you to the instructions.

This is the card of the shop these dolls are in.

                                            Click on this picture to learn how to make this doll.


  1. Hi LaVera - I enjoyed sitting next to you in class today. You asked questions that helped all of us get more out of the course. I like the way you linked your travel post to this craft post. I also like the way you have the directions in a separate post. That way someone who is interested, can get the details. Someone else who might not be as crafty can just enjoy the dolls and how you used someone's idea and made it your own. My mother was really good at doing that. She would draw pictures, or buy a sample, and come home and make it. She really liked making Christmas tree ornaments, but also all kinds of sewing and handwork. Arthritis in her fingers and mental capability have taken that away. But she still has many of her hand made things around the house to enjoy. Let's keep in touch. - Margy Lutz

  2. Thank so much Margy,
    I enjoyed sitting next to you too. Thanks for all your nice comments and the story about your Mother. I enjoyed going to your blog also it has wonderful stories and great pictures. I included your link below.


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