Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Chanel's Pre Fall Fashion Show 2013/2014

                         The Fall Winter Fashion Show's are out and there are a few great ones! 
It was hard to pick the best. So I picked my top three. 
I'll show them throughout the month. 

Karl Legerfeld the designer for Chanel usually shows around Paris but this time he chose Edinburgh, Scotland. His theme for the collection was Mary Queen of Scots. The setting was Linlithgow Palace. The collection featured the Scottish classics such as tartan, argyle and kilts.

Mary Queen of Scots
Born at Linlithgow Palace


  1. Lots of warm stuff for a wet cold climate. I have to say, that I don't usually like clothes they show in fashion shows. Usually they aren't realistic for the real world, at least mine. But I could wear some of those coats and scarves. The setting doesn't look like a fashion show either. Too subdued. Do you know if it was well received? - Margy

  2. Yes, fashion shows are about fantasy and the clothes in them are not very practical for our world, I guess that’s what makes them so much fun to look at. Usually the clothing from these fashion shows are modified a bit to make them more sensible for those who do have a place to wear them. I love Chanel shows because of there settings they enhance Karl Lagerfeld’s vision, like in this show he used Mary Queen of Scots as his muse and then he used the palace she was born in as a back drop for his show. Thanks for you comments I really appreciate them.

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