Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Victorian Craft Brooches and Hair Clips

I sometimes teach craft classes at our local Museum . This is one I taught last week for a themed Victorian Night. It was a big hit.

Supplies you'll need:
An old sheet of music and/or newspaper
Some images: I used old Kings and Queens from a deck of cards and some postcards I found. Dover books have great images in their clip art books.
Glue stick 
Hot glue to glue ribbon and clips onto the back of your piece
Different colors of card stock
A thin felt pen
Hair clips and /or pins that you can find 
 online or at a craft store. 

 To make a paper ruffle just fold a thin strip of paper
 and curve it a bit as you go. Glue it on the back 
over lapping each ruffled paper a tiny bit. Once
 it's dried trim the edge to get an even width. 
   Templates work best to get round or oval shapes,
 but small glasses from the kitchen work too.
         To get the zigzag edges use a scissors made for the purpose.

I drew these wings in pencil until I got the shape
I wanted, I then doodled the design inside the lines. 
   Just have fun. These looked so cute in the guests hair 
   and pinned to their clothing. Some guests decided to put magnets
 on the back of their art and attach them to their refrigerators.


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