Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Divorce is Like an Onion

Divorce is Like an Onion

As you cut each layer away another one presents it’s self and each one creates more tears.
For me the first layer was my decision to ask for a divorce.
The second was how it would affect my husband.
Then how it affected my boys.
Then the possible loss of my husbands family.
The loss of family events. (I am determined to remain friends so we can someday continue them.)
The loss of going out as a couple with friends.
My home has to be sold which is a large loss for me for many reasons.
The loss of my neighbors.
The things you liked to do as a couple.
You have to let go of and divide your belongings.

The layers seem to never end. The tears seem to never end. I had no idea how hard divorce could be. And so many people deal with it in our country everyday.

If you know someone going through a divorce reach out. Ask them to do something like go to a movie or make them dinner. Just listen to them.

I am so lucky because I have many supportive friends who I love very much. I don’t think I could do this without them.


  1. Thanks for being so open, LaVera. I'm sure many who've been through the same experience will relate, including my own brother who's written a couple books to hopefully help people get through it just as he did. Think I may have told you. Here's a link to a post on his blog which he wrote recently along the same lines. Might want to check it out too. http://bit.ly/1xVcudD

  2. Hang in there. It isn't easy, but it's also an opportunity. - Margy


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