Sunday, June 29, 2014

Craft: This Little Piggy Built a Paper House

When I was in Cambridge, England I saw this wonderful paper house in a window of an art gallery. I thought what a fun present for a book lover or a great center piece for a book club get together or maybe a display in a library window. 

The original is pretty elaborate and would take a lot of time. But I made a simpler one. If you want to take the time to do a more elaborate one. Just use my example and expand on it.

Paper House in Art Gallery Window

These are the supplies I started with:
A small box
Card Stock (one piece)
Two old books one yellower than the other.
White glue 
Hot glue gun

1) First I covered the box in the yellower book pages. 

2) Then I took the white book pages and cut them into small bricks and glued them on.
3) After that I glued the black door and the small windows in place. 

4) Now for the tidiest part. I used the yellow book page to cut a small door
 and then I used the book page edges and cut the tiny door and window frames. 

5) For the thatched roof I cut strips of the yellow pages and then fringed the edges by making lots of tiny snips. I glued them in an overlapping fashion. Then using the hot glue gun I glued the roof into 
place on top of my house.

6) Add your chimney by gluing a yellow piece of your book page around some card stock. And then hot gluing it to the top of your house.
 7) Lay your tiny little house on the center of one of the books and you have a wonderful center piece.

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