Wednesday, July 2, 2014

King's Chapel, King's College, Cambridge,England and Evensong


 Each of the colleges have their own version of evensong. You should try to see several. They are free and it is a fun way to see the main courtyards of the different colleges as well as hear wonderful choirs. I was not allowed to take pictures in the chapels during Evensong. 

John's College, Cambridge, England

So I will try to describe what evensong is like. You enter a dimly lit chapel where you are seated in beautifully carved pews. Candles are lit in chandeliers and along the choir’s podiums. Everyone stands as the choir enters. The choir can be made up of all young boys or a combination of boys and men or in some cases the choir may be students from the college and be women and men.

King's Chapel, King's College, Cambridge,England

 Evensong is made up of songs sung by the choir. Verses are sung by the minister. Also, prayers and Bible verses are read. The whole occasion will last about an hour.

It is a beautiful event full of rituals and tradition. King's was my favorite. The chapel is beautiful the music was sung by young boys who were fun to watch. One of the little boys the day we were there seemed quite new and had one of the other older boys helping him. He hardly opened his mouth and you could see him twisting his little hands underneath the podium.

King's Chapel, King's College, Cambridge, England

 I was lucky enough to see an evensong at Westminster Abbey in London. My son and I were seated in the beautifully carved wooden pews in the center of the Cathedral. As we waited for the ceremony to start we took the time to just look around us. We sat in historic carved seats surrounded by beauty that would take months to absorb totally.

King's Chapel, King's College, Cambridge, England

The ceremony started out of our sight with beautiful voices echoing from the outer edge of the cathedral. Soon a caped minster came through the entrance into our view. He was holding a cross on a pole as he led the procession. Following him was the choir made up of young boys in high white ruffed collars and red choir capes. 

Choir Pews, King's Chapel, King's College, Cambridge, England

As they took their seats the procession continued with minsters in order of rank taking their seats. When everyone was seated we realized we were in the center of this great ceremony. The choir sang and the Dean of the Church of England spoke with a beautiful English accent right out of the movies. The ceremony was wonderful full of pomp and candle light, music and verse.

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