Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I have always wanted to see Hong Kong and I must say I was not a disappointed, it is a fabulous city. Lining the passage of Victoria Harbor on both sides are high skyscrapers that would put New York City to shame. The sky line like other Asian cities has a quite whimsical feel.

Hong Kong

Boats of all kinds and sizes are constantly moving back and forth on the passage. It’s a fast moving city. Lots of fun shopping experiences no matter what your budget is. 

Hong Kong 's elevated sidewalks.

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong, which I have never seen before, are the sidewalks in the sky. You can walk great distances on covered sidewalks a couple of stories above the street.  They break off in many directions connecting one building to another. 

Hong Kong view from Victoria Peak

We also took a tram ride, straight up and I mean straight up to visit Victoria Peak, which is a must see on  a clear day.  You felt as if the tram would tumble backwards down the hill at any moment. The view is of the whole city and it is amazing.
Hong Kong Bird Market
We saw the bird market which was sad and sweet at the same time.

Hong Kong at Night
One of the highlights for me was sitting in the Inter Continental Hotel Lobby at 8:00 with our new friends watching the light show which is fantastic. Many of the buildings change color and design, lasers shoot off the tops of buildings and then there are the lighted boats that drift by the large four story windows of the hotel.It is another must  see when in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Kowloon Park

There are so many things to see. I loved Kowloon Parks bird Atrium, the Temple Night Market, the Star Ferry, of course some of the temples and the Nunnery.

Hong Kong, Kowloon Side

Hong Kong has a very glitzy side and a very old China side. 

Hong Kong

                                            Lots of very small business and very large ones.
Hong Kong, Kowloon Side

                                       Lots of young people in great clothes and on cell phones.

Hong Kong, Kowloon Side

It combines the old and the new.

An old temple carved stone pillar against a modern building. 

Hong Kong, Alley on the Kowloon Side

                                    And like almost every Asian city they love their neon lights.

Hong Kong, Kowloon Side

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