Sunday, July 21, 2013

Traffic and the Streets of Marrakesh

When talking about Marrakesh you have to talk about the traffic inside the Medina. It is like nothing I've ever seen before. The streets are not even the width of one lane, a car cannot drive down these streets they are too narrow and full of everything from spices to clothing. The streets seem more like a grocery store aisles then what we would call streets.

Now try and picture people walking in both directions, pushing carts, riding bikes and mopeds. But that is still not all there is - also add to your mind's eye baby carriages not with babies in them but with bread and then picture donkeys pulling carts. It’s simply crazy and the best part is I never saw one person hit or anyone one get angry.

I only saw men running the shops in Morocco. Often they would sit outside their shops while waiting for customers.

 A couple of times I just stopped dead in my place because, I didn't know which direction to step to get out of the way of  an on coming moped. The people riding the mopeds would just smile and swerve around me. 

 My husband and I found a little cafe where we could sit and have tea and watch the street action. We went there several times.

While sitting in the cafe I thought no one will ever believe this and I could never do justice to the scene in a description. So I made this for you, grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy a few minutes on the streets of Marrakesh.


               One last thing, at night the streets had this beautiful yellow glow
                       making them look quite magical and medieval. 

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