Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jardin Marjorelle, Marrakesh

Picture a hot day you’re walking through loud traffic, dust is blowing up into your eyes as you watch your feet carefully stepping over the broken street. Then you pass through the gates of one of the most beautiful gardens you've ever seen. On first entering you walk into a towering bamboo forest casting its shadow onto a smooth, wide path painted a warm rosy orange color. You feel immediately cool and calm.

 Heading deeper into the garden you pass arbors painted in blues, greens and orange. 

                 The path meanders through the beautiful garden dotted with brightly colored pots.

 The garden is full of palm trees, exotic flowers and many, many cactus. A lot of them I’d never seen before. The cactus were collected by Jacques Majorelle from five continents. He was one of the most important plant collectors of his time.

Studio of Jacques Majorelle
Jacques Majorelle, a painter from France, relocated to Marrakech and acquired land in 1924 and then he began landscaping what is now known as the Jardin Marjorelle. He opened his garden to the public in 1947 and the tradition continues to this day. Following a car accident in 1962 he went back to France and died soon after his return.

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge acquired and restored the garden giving it to the Pierre Berge Foundation to ensure its upkeep.

 I asked the guard about Pierre Berge and he still owns the house behind the wall near the garden property.


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