Sunday, July 7, 2013

Place Jemaa el- Fna in Marrakesh

It was at night when I first turned the corner to view Place Jemaa el Fna.  I immediately felt transported to an ancient time. The energy of the crowd lifted my spirit and whirled me into a feeling of excitement. I felt like laughing, dancing and singing all at once. The sound was rhythmic and carried me with it, drums and voices chanting sounds I didn't recognize yet felt I understood. 


    There were snake charmers and monkey tamers, dancers and games, fruit stands and food stands.

  My eyes could not take it in fast enough. Rounding the entire square making a halo of light were brightly lit shops selling handmade merchandise of all kinds. The women I observed were usually traveling in groups of three or more.

The air was cool and filled with smoke from the impromptu restaurants that pop up every night. My husband and I wandered through the square taking in the wonderful new smells and sights.  

 During the day the square is more subdued by Moroccan standards. There is still a lot of selling, visiting, and of course traffic but there is not as much entertainment. 
This square has a gruesome past. Until the 19th century criminals on whom the death penalty had been passed were beheaded here and their heads were hung on the city gate. 

I fell in love with these mint stands they smelled wonderful and were beautiful to look at.
I included a mint tea recipe link below. It's more of a dessert tea that is served everywhere and when you are  being entertained they always offer you mint tea.

        Place Jemaa el-Fna is the place to be at sunset. The square gets a warm glow and you can feel the excitement beginning to build. 

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