Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Palais Bahia, Marrakesh

Built in the late 19th century by Si Moussa, the intention behind its construction was to create the greatest palace of its time. It was decorated by the best artist from all over Morocco and took approximately 14 years to complete.

 Si Moussa was the son of the grand vizier of the sultan (Alawid ruler Muhammad IV) and built this palace for his personal use.

           The palace was named after one of Si Moussa's wives. The word Bahia means 'brilliance’.

    Many of the palaces I went to see had very similar adornments. The walls and pillars were inlaid with calligraphic carvings while the doors, and windows reflect a style very Moroccan, a kind of key hole shape.

I found in all the palaces that the ceilings were the most amazing part so if you end up in one of them look up.

The Palais Bahia
It is also believed that the palace was made by Si Moussa to keep his official concubines in. The rooms in the inner courtyards were meant to be occupied by them and the story goes that the size of the room indicated how much the concubine was in favor. 

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