Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life as a Paper Doll - craft project

Who would I be if I could be anyone in the world? Where would I live if I could live anywhere in the world?

While thinking about these two questions, I was also thinking I need to make a Birthday present for a friend and then the two thoughts merged and this is what I got. 

                                                                  Marie Antoinette
                                                           Louis Vuitton Fall 2012/2013
Photograph your friend and size her image on your computer then print the image on matte photo paper and cut her out.
 Lay her photo image under a piece of tracing paper and draw your own dress design over the image. Then photocopy the tracing paper onto card stock. Now color it in and cut it out making sure you leave tabs to fold over so the outfit stays on.

I packaged them this way.


                            “Life as a Paper Doll” was a great success; judging by all the laughs.



  1. You are amazing...and that Cheryl, she can wear anything and look good!

  2. She can can't she, her smile makes anything work.


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