Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just Another Day?

Today was a beautiful summer day. My friend and I were looking at her garden when all of a sudden an ambulance pulled up about two houses down and across the street. Then chaos started with people running in then out and in again to get a stretcher. The dog was barking and someone was crying. We watched for awhile then went inside for a few minutes. When we came back out the ambulance was gone and all was quiet. Soon the postman came walking down the street and headed into the yard to leave the mail. Nothing in his day had changed, nothing in our day had changed, life just continues on as if nothing has happened. It makes you think.

                                                      How are you spending your days?

                                                      Have you called your family lately?

                                                      Are you making the right choices?

                                                      Most of all are you thankful for today?



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