Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Walk in the Beautiful Eldridge Historic District of Bellingham, WA

Sometimes when I’m feeling uninspired a walk is the perfect thing to do. It lifts your spirits and nurtures your soul. Today I walked with my husband in one of my favorite neighbors, Eldridge, in my home town of Bellingham. Here are some of the things that inspired me.

I loved this blue house with its blue bike in front. The blue and the bike made me feel as if I knew something about who lived inside.

                                                      I love seeing butterflies and birds.

Beautiful gardens give me ideas for my garden and also ideas for paintings. Isn’t this one great? I love the statue.

                                  This old red truck next to a red house makes a wonderful photo.

                                                        Flowers never need a reason why.

                               I love to see places I just want to sit and have a cup of tea.

                                                 Color combinations that make me smile.
                    People’s creativity and passion, note the peace sign is made of fall leaves.

                                                         Don’t forget to look up.

Seeing people celebrating in the park makes my world expand thinking about how many lives are always moving and creating different paths every moment of everyday. How is your path going? Is it the direction you want it to be?
                                                  Colors in general just make me happy.
                                    Tree forts are a symbol of childhood, love and adventure.  

                                      I just want to sit and swing here on a sunny evening.

                                                              I love my path today.

                                     What a great place to eat a summer meal with friends.

                            This trucks placement just made a great photo, I couldn’t resist.

                                          How inviting, this porch could be a great painting.

I love flowers mixed with vegetables. In France the gardens are often mixed like this one which makes for some of the most beautiful vegetable gardens I have ever seen.

                               Don’t you just want to meet the people who live in this house?
                                                        I love seeing peoples humor.

                            What’s not to love about a window covered in beautiful lace?

        I wish I could achieve this level of perfection in my garden, but that is just not meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed this walk and found some inspiration of your own. Maybe this will inspired you to take your own walk and link me your pictures.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your walk, LaVera!

  2. Thank you for being so supportive.

  3. Glorious, I feel like I'm on vacation!


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