Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make a Beautiful Glass Food Cover

I've been preparing all week for my tea this Saturday by making different cookies each day. Also I decided to make some items to dress up my table. Here’s one of my projects you may be interested in making.

I found this glass cover at the Goodwill which was covering a round piece of cutting board. Here’s how to dress it up.

First: pick out a theme. I choose butterflies; I found these butterflies in a Dover clip art book.
But, you can use magazines photos, photocopies of anything you might like, and family photos might also be fun.

Second: cut them out.

I used Weldbond glue as an adhesive. I painted the glue on the FRONT of each butterfly then pressed it against the glass and smoothed it out. (Don’t worry about the glue looking white it will dry clear.)

Third: continue around your piece. I placed the big ones first, then the medium and finally the small ones, this will help you decide your placement.

Forth: once your butterflies are dry coat the inside of each butterfly with Weldbond and let them dry again. This will give the butterflies a protective coat.

Then find a pretty plate and you’re done.

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