Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Gift of a Teacup

I have a lot of teacups and there all so beautiful. Each teacup has many memories associated with it. Many of my teacups have been given to me by loved ones. I have teacups from my Grandmothers, Great Aunts, Aunts and friends. Many have passed down through my family. But that’s just the beginning of the story; memories have come from the parties I’ve had with them, and some of my most precious memories have come from the visitors who have drunk from them. When you drink from a teacup you tend to be truly present and in the moment. A gift of time.

How to stack your teacups

         Pile all the plates, then start with the cups by placing one of the teacups on its side.

            Then take another teacup and tuck the first teacups handle inside the second one.

                                              Then repeat this process two more times

I hope you get a chance to have a cup of tea today with a friend.

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