Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chicken on a nest in a Basket

                               I have so much fun making care packages for my kids. 

 This Easter I made chicken’s on a nest, underneath the chicken I placed chocolate eggs. Each chicken is made out of Rice Krispie treats, molded into the shape of a chicken, then lightly covered with butter icing, and then covered again with homemade fondant.

The fun part comes next, decorating; I mixed different food coloring into the fondant and started designing my chicken. It helps to have a chicken picture to look at. I use cookie cutters (leaf shapes) to make the feathers. And hand mold the other details.

 I dropped the first chicken off with my oldest son, he loved it, and he thought it was pretty funny. The other one is in the mail headed to The University of Chicago we’ll see how it goes over in the Dorm.

Happy Easter!


  1. Lucky kids! These are fabulous!

  2. Sooo cool! Everyone loved it. Oh yah, it was also suppppper delicious!

  3. These are incredible .... do you sell this as a service? I will send you my email. Just beaytiful!


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