Saturday, April 18, 2015

Usual Fruit at Granville Market

Usual Fruit at Granville Market

At Granville Island they have a very large food market with all kinds of unusual foods. So I decided I would try a few different fruits which I had never tasted (and some of which I had never seen). They were expensive since they all came from different parts of Asia.

Here is what I learned. I should let you know I am not a foodie and do not have a great pallet so you may like things I didn't. I say try them and be adventurous!


First I tried Goldenberries the women told me they were sweet and sour. She was right, and not in a good way. I tried several different ones to make sure I just didn’t get a bad one. My final decision: I won’t be eating them again.

 Then I tried Rambutans they were very good, they had a sweet white flesh a bit like a really big grape. My final decision: I will eat them again.

Passion Fruit

Next I tried Passion Fruit. Honestly, who could pass them up with that name? There were two kinds so I picked the sweetest kind. It was sweet but it tasted a bit to strange for my liking I would try to describe it to you but, honestly, I can’t I don’t have a taste I can compare it to, which may be a reason for you to try it. My final decision: confused.

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit was next another great name. This fruit is beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. But as far as taste goes, plain weird. It tastes like moss smells. My final decision: I don't like eating moss.
Dragon Fruit

Muscat grapes are great and so sweet, the sweetest grapes I have ever tasted. Expensive though so it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it. I will look for a sale and eat them again. My final decision: when I win the lottery I will eat them again.

Muscat grapes you can see them in the bowl at the top of the blog.

Overall, I’m glad I tried these different fruits I found a couple new ones I like and now when I’m walking around a market and see these usual fruits I will enjoy knowing how they taste. Except the goldenberries.

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