Saturday, April 25, 2015

Street Poem- English Bay

English Bay

I was sitting on a bench at English Bay today and as I sat I couldn’t help but hear parts of sentences from different conversations. After listening for a while I thought wouldn’t it be fun to write some of them down and put them together and see what it sounds like. So here it is.

-This is the perfect day for it
-ravioli with pesto sauce
-that’s the reason for tips
-that was a tenured job?
-Hell is real
-We know that but do you like the company though?
-There is so much more diversity there now.
-We didn’t know what was happening
-So I could just say “that’s a major thing to say”
-what’s the big deal
-yes, yes, oh that’s good

Of course I put the sentences in my own order, the only one I couldn't find a place for was:
-yes in the garden


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