Sunday, April 27, 2014

Painting a Blossom Branch

A simple way to paint a blossom branch

Supplies you’ll need:
Watercolor paint set
Watercolor paper (140 hot press works best)
Round tip small Paint brush

 1)   In the tray part of your water color set water down some brown paint.

2     2)   Take your brush and start at the bottom of your paper and pull your brush up the paper with your watered down paint. Leave some gaps and make some nob looking spots by enlarging your line in some areas. At the end of your branches pull your line to a narrow point.
3     3)    Now take another color such as pink for blossoms and water it down, ( to make pink use red with a lot of water ) make your petals by touching your paper gently to create spots and forming them into the shape of a blossom.

4    4)    To create shadows either paint over the desired area with the same color or a slightly darker color.

5    5)     You can also go in with a very thin sharpie and draw more details.

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